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Our business is two-fold: suggesting investments and making the transactions for investors-and buying/selling stock for our own profit. We are very active every day in both catagories.

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The New York Stock Exchange-in Days Gone By

Our pledge is to provide expert service to clients using the most accurate information available to enhance their income potential and investment experience.

John Tesh, the radio show host (The John Tesh Radio Show) who advises listeners on many different topics, says that EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE A FINANCIAL ADVISER. A close cooperation between consumers and their financial advisers can make consumers’ lives much more comfortable.

Planning for the future is essential; that “first step” is the hardest one to make. We prefer our clients control their money and they not break the link and hand it over to their adviser to control. Certain “blind trusts” might require such a break between a person and their money. For instance, elected officials are often required to keep their investments in “blind trusts.”

As a member of the Scottrade Advisor Services, we offer the same expertise and ease of investing on your own as you will receive from Scottrade Discount Brokerage.

Starting a background in portfolio management in 1988 with a licensing in General Securities (Series 7,) the era of “Black Monday” (October 19th, 1987) was a fresh topic. Why was this an important event? Because it frightened all investors! It also scared non-investing people. It was a blow to our economy.

Again in the bubble-bursting years of 2000 and 2001. There were many legitimate reasons why both of these events occurred that dropped the market for the next year or two. Yes-call it foolish investing!

A hardy applause for aspirants starting in the investment/securities field today!

After the mortgage/credit meltdown, the dissolution of several world known investment houses, the elimination of popular banking names, it all is a result of excess. It is the same as a cold winter. After the snow melts and the ice thaws, flowers will once again bloom.

A lot of this “excess-enthusiasm” has come from fraud. Until it is detected, fraud is a masked character. How do you detect it before it hurts? Be ever vigilant; and always remember that if something acts too good to be true-it probably is! Visit the website below and find more information on fraud detection. Let us save investing for true investors!

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners


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We offer training in the Series-7 (general securities') test. There is a charge but the amount is minimal to your opportunities.
The Series-7 is not required to be an investment advisor. Only the Series-65 test is required. However, the Series-7 prepares you to be the best investment advisor that you could be.
Our company cannot sponsor the test. You will need to be employed by a securities firm (a broker-dealer) in order to file for registration for the test.

We offer service in two states at this time-California and our home state of Virginia. We actively solicit individuals who might be interested in being a Registered Investment Adviser to contact us for more information.

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